Thursday, October 16, 2008

Soccer Mom

Okay, so I am a true soccer mom and I love it! This is some video taken of Jacob and Kyle's last soccer game. It's about a minute. There are four shots of Jacob scoring goals, one of Kyle almost scoring a goal, and one of what Kyle does best-kick the ball away on defense.

Jacob and Kyle are in the grey shirts. Jacob is #7 and Kyle is #9. The quality is terrible so you can't read the numbers, just know that Jacob is the one doing all the scoring! Oh yeah, and when you hear me say, "Oh no!" it's because that's Jacob's 4th goal and the other team has not scored any yet. The game does wind up tied, 4-4.

They have actually been a lot of fun to watch this year. Jacob is so fast that he tended to get a lot of breakaways, while Kyle really wasn't aggressive enough to get in there, so he hung back and played some mean defense. We'll see what happens in the spring!


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Travis said...

Nice! The Tukker duo is tearing it up.

Hope the boys all had a great time with their birthdays.