Thursday, October 16, 2008

Birthday Hit

We have several toys from the boys' birthday that have been big hits and several more that Daddy and I have put away for cold winter days or for our train trip to Denver in November. That being said, one of their favorite toys from their birthday is a new game they got from my cousin Bruce and his wife Michele. It is called, "Going on a Bear Hunt." All I could think of was the song, but it is actually more like Guess Who? Do you remember that game from your childhood? Anyway, I think the age on the game said like 7 & up and I thought, "Well, I guess we'll put this away for awhile."

Before I got a chance to put it away, my sister opened it and started playing with her husband (that's so fun to say, my sister's husband), Bill. Next thing I knew, Jacob was watching and learning. For about a day, he needed someone to play with him, but now both him and Kyle can play the game completely independently. They sit across from each other and can play for quite some time. The game is a cool, updated version of the classic, but still requires the kids to find the different traits on each of the bears picutred. We have asked about everything from hats, to mustaches, to freckles, to rosy cheeks, to the shape and color of the noses. It has been really amazing. They also understand what to do when they ask a question and are given an answer, you know, which one to put down. Here are some pictures of them playing:

This is a picture of the board. You spin the dial on the bottom to choose your bear (the boys say "character") and then you flip down the solid wooden pieces when you figure out who the other person is not.

This is Jacob asking a question about Kyle's "character."

Then here is Jacob flipping down the bear that he knows is not Kyle.

Here is Kyle getting his game all set up. I believe that he was choosing his "character" when I took the picture.

P.S. This game is by Melissa and Doug for those of you who know their products. We love them!


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