Friday, August 29, 2008

My Dearest Littlest One

Although you have now been in my belly for 16 weeks, it doesn't feel that long. It took me so long to tell others about you that I can't believe that the halfway point is approaching already. I can no longer hide the fact that you exist. You swell in my belly and I know my body will never be the same. I know that I seem quiet and reserved about you with others, but just know that I am completely at peace with the knowledge of you and what you are to be. I just want you to be healthy. Boy or girl, I already love you!

As I watch your brothers grow, I have rivers of happiness run through me. They are so amazing, but I miss the littleness of them now. You will be our last, so I will treasure every bit of the littleness of you. I know that it will be over all too fast, and you will running around with them.

There is something different about the last time around. I know what it feels like to be done having children--I know you will be all I can handle. I feel more in control of the situation that I did with any of your brothers. I feel confident that I have survived the "baby" stage twice (and twice over) and I know that whatever comes my way, we will get through it together, you and me.

As I start to sit here in puddles, I eagerly await your coming. I hope to find out your gender soon so I know how to prepare rooms upstairs for your coming. I know February is a long way away, but I will treasure every minute this time, and try not to worry so much, as I know God has His hand in all of this. You are exactly the child He wants me to have, and I am exactly the parent He wants you to have.

I love you!

Soccer Studs

These are my handsome little (or should I say big) boys! This year they are old enough to play on the soccer league in our neighborhood. I still am not sure how this will all go. After all, four and five year olds playing on a team together, is that really possible? Well, I hope to keep you updated. In the meantime, here they are in their handsome uniforms, complete with cletes, shin guards and all! Enjoy!

That's a Buzz

Well, here are the results. About six weeks ago, I bought a hair-cutting kit at Sam's. I decided that in just two haircuts, I could save the cost of the kit with what I spend on haircuts every three months. Plus, the boys wouldn't look so shaggy in between haircuts because I could do them more frequently.

From the front they look great! I had no problems with the attachment that I put on the clippers. However, if you look at them from the side (which I convienently did not show), you can see that I need some work with the actual clippers themselves, like when I tried to trim the back and around the ears. I only clipped Zachary and Kyle once. Oops! It couldn't have been too devastating because when my mom saw them later in the day and asked Kyle where he got cut, he pointed to the wrong ear.

Anyway, I will definitely have them in for a professional cut before my sister's wedding, but for most of the time, I think I can get away with this. What are your thoughts?

Friday, August 8, 2008

I Should Know Better

Today, I set everyone up with breakfast. Jacob wanted Raisin Bran with no milk. Kyle wanted Cheerios with no milk, and Zachary wanted yogurt, which he loves! I had a quick email to write and I figured that there wasn't much mess out on the table so I could pop into the office and send off my email.

Well, I should have known better. I heard them laughing and having a good time, but little did I know what was really going on. When I walked back into the kitchen, I saw Cheerios wars (Jacob and Kyle flicking Cheerios at each other) and Zachary spooning yogurt into the air. It was all over the kitchen. I'm just glad that the email truly was a quick one or who knows what my kitchen would have looked like. Needless to say, breakfast was over.

Again, I should have known better!

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Trick Back

Other people I know seem to have a trick knee or a trick hip. I, it seems, have a trick back. I don't know what has caused it. I have been doing really well lately, no one has been needed to be held. I still pick Zachary up on occasion, but come on, he's only two! So when I bent down to get a pound of ground beef out of the meat case at Meijer, I was completely unprepared for the twinge that hit me as I stood up. I dropped my beef in surprise. Thinking that it wasn't too bad, I went on and finished my agonizing shopping trip (due to behavior, not pain). However, as the day went on, my back felt worse and worse. I slept okay and then have felt better today, but for some reason, I continue to feel cheated that my back can't hold up to the simplest stuff, like picking up a pound of ground beef. I guess I'll have to do only a half pound from now on.

P.S. If it doesn't get better soon, the little baby growing in me is going to make it very difficult to get around!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When Does School Start?

Okay, so I never thought I would be the mom to say those words? I don't even really want school to start. The way I figure it, Jacob and Kyle are going to be at school three mornings a week this year, the little girl I watch is going to school another day, so that only leaves one morning each week for us to go out and do things. It makes me very sad, because next year they will attend all-day kindergarten. I feel as though I am losing them rapidly.

However, today, in the grocery store, trying to get the things we need for our last few days at home and then most of the things we need for our trip to the lake next week, I was fast-forwarding to the days when I could again grocery shop with just Zachary. I know it doesn't seem fair, but I actually enjoy the grocery store when I just have one of them. Today, Jacob had to sit in the basket of the cart, which he did without complaint and gets the easy shopper award. Zachary sat in the top of the cart and Kyle sat on the bench all by himself. Still, Kyle and Zachary could not stop shrieking in laughter and playing the, "Bet you can't get my hand" game which results in lots of hand slapping and eventual crying. Dessert from lunch was lost, but to no avail. So, after today, I will mourn the little time I have left with my children during the day, but will still ask,

So, when does school start?