Friday, August 29, 2008

That's a Buzz

Well, here are the results. About six weeks ago, I bought a hair-cutting kit at Sam's. I decided that in just two haircuts, I could save the cost of the kit with what I spend on haircuts every three months. Plus, the boys wouldn't look so shaggy in between haircuts because I could do them more frequently.

From the front they look great! I had no problems with the attachment that I put on the clippers. However, if you look at them from the side (which I convienently did not show), you can see that I need some work with the actual clippers themselves, like when I tried to trim the back and around the ears. I only clipped Zachary and Kyle once. Oops! It couldn't have been too devastating because when my mom saw them later in the day and asked Kyle where he got cut, he pointed to the wrong ear.

Anyway, I will definitely have them in for a professional cut before my sister's wedding, but for most of the time, I think I can get away with this. What are your thoughts?

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trevsmom said...

I think the cuts look you give lessons, I have a tough time with Trev's.