Tuesday, August 5, 2008

When Does School Start?

Okay, so I never thought I would be the mom to say those words? I don't even really want school to start. The way I figure it, Jacob and Kyle are going to be at school three mornings a week this year, the little girl I watch is going to school another day, so that only leaves one morning each week for us to go out and do things. It makes me very sad, because next year they will attend all-day kindergarten. I feel as though I am losing them rapidly.

However, today, in the grocery store, trying to get the things we need for our last few days at home and then most of the things we need for our trip to the lake next week, I was fast-forwarding to the days when I could again grocery shop with just Zachary. I know it doesn't seem fair, but I actually enjoy the grocery store when I just have one of them. Today, Jacob had to sit in the basket of the cart, which he did without complaint and gets the easy shopper award. Zachary sat in the top of the cart and Kyle sat on the bench all by himself. Still, Kyle and Zachary could not stop shrieking in laughter and playing the, "Bet you can't get my hand" game which results in lots of hand slapping and eventual crying. Dessert from lunch was lost, but to no avail. So, after today, I will mourn the little time I have left with my children during the day, but will still ask,

So, when does school start?

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emilymcd said...

Yeah... good perspective, Beth. Life is funny, isn't it... that weird mix of "Oh, you're driving me crazy" and "Awww... I'm gonna miss you."