Friday, August 29, 2008

My Dearest Littlest One

Although you have now been in my belly for 16 weeks, it doesn't feel that long. It took me so long to tell others about you that I can't believe that the halfway point is approaching already. I can no longer hide the fact that you exist. You swell in my belly and I know my body will never be the same. I know that I seem quiet and reserved about you with others, but just know that I am completely at peace with the knowledge of you and what you are to be. I just want you to be healthy. Boy or girl, I already love you!

As I watch your brothers grow, I have rivers of happiness run through me. They are so amazing, but I miss the littleness of them now. You will be our last, so I will treasure every bit of the littleness of you. I know that it will be over all too fast, and you will running around with them.

There is something different about the last time around. I know what it feels like to be done having children--I know you will be all I can handle. I feel more in control of the situation that I did with any of your brothers. I feel confident that I have survived the "baby" stage twice (and twice over) and I know that whatever comes my way, we will get through it together, you and me.

As I start to sit here in puddles, I eagerly await your coming. I hope to find out your gender soon so I know how to prepare rooms upstairs for your coming. I know February is a long way away, but I will treasure every minute this time, and try not to worry so much, as I know God has His hand in all of this. You are exactly the child He wants me to have, and I am exactly the parent He wants you to have.

I love you!


Anonymous said...

That was beautiful :) Love you and miss you!! Can't wait to meet the little one. Call me after your doctor's appointment!!


Anonymous said...

That is precious. Can you believe just 5 yrs ago it was all starting and now it's your last. It happens so fast, but, you have so much fun yet to come!
Love to all 6 of you.
Mom/Gramdma Tukker

trevsmom said...

Congrats Beth!

Becky Zastrow said...

Beth! It'd been awhile since I checked out your blog, so I was surprised and thrilled with the news. Congrats!