Thursday, September 4, 2008

Something's Brewing

Well, yesterday Jacob and Kyle started their last year of preschool. Now granted, it is only their second year, but nevertheless, next year they will have to leave the familiarity of this wonderful school and go on to something new and bigger. They both walked in so confidently. They knew right where they were going. After all, Kyle is in the same room Jacob was in last year, and Jacob is right next door, so they get to share a bathroom this year. Then we walked through the school and found their teachers from last year and said hello. They were dismissing their new three year olds. I can't believe how little they look. I don't remember them looking that little last year, but I know that they did.

They are so excited to go back tomorrow. Tomorrow Mommy and Daddy don't have to stay with them (yesterday was a shortened "Meet and Greet"). I am sure that as the year progresses they are going to learn so many new things and I am going to cry (after all, do they really ever stop being your babies?). For now though, I am just going to try and enjoy it with them and live in their excitement. I know that school will not be this exciting forever. Let's see if we can catch some of that excitement and hold onto it for as long as we can. There is so much in store for these two little (or big) guys.

P.S. Zachary also had his open house for his "school" (Parent's Day Out) yesterday. He just loved it. I am sure that the same excitement will be brewing in him all this year and definitely next year as he gets to go to "Jacob and Kyle's school."

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