Saturday, September 27, 2008

100th Post

Okay, so I have seen many different things when people reach their 100th post. Mostly I have seen a lot of things specific to that person. Well, the reason that I started this blog was to keep family and friends updated on the kids. There have been a few personal posts along the way, but the whole idea has been to focus this blog on them.

So, without further ado, this seems like the perfect subject for a 100th post.

We are having a girl!

Now, I know to some of you this may not seem like a big deal, but with three boys (whom we love dearly), and knowing this is our last baby, it was with great joy we found out yesterday that not only were we having a healthy baby, but we were going to add a little girl to our mix. It will be quite an adventure to find out how girls are different--other than the obvious.

There is also a little peace in my heart especially. I love my boys and without them my life would seem incomplete, but I feel there is a special maternal pull to be the mother of a girl. I don't know if those of you with girls can truly understand this-not to offend, but when I imagined my life without any of those special girl moments, I was definitely a little sad. I know God heard me and I guess he thinks we can handle it. We'll have to see!


emilymcd said...

I am totally freaking out. Totally.

Travis said...