Thursday, May 22, 2008


It's true! I am so spoiled. God has given me three wonderful children. I can usually appreciate them, seeing as we went through some infertility to get my twins. Zachary was a wonderful miracle all of his own. However, what I don't appreciate as much as I should is my fantastic hubby who spoils me literally every day.

This is a man who hits the ground running every day, whether in the morning or after work. Take this morning for example, I got the kids dressed and teeth brushed while he got ready for work, but then he let me get ready and he gave everyone breakfast, including making eggs for me!

He is willing to work from home and watch after one or two of the kiddos so that I can go do something special with one of them. He is not afraid to take all of them somewhere--and that can be a daunting task, two 4-year-olds and a 2-year-old! He gives all the baths--I hate baths. That started while I was pregnant with Zachary and had a hard time getting down to bathe them and has continued until this day.

The big one lately, he is going to be in charge of the kids for almost two weeks while I go to Beijing, China. That's right--I'm outta here June 25 and won't be back until July 14. My hubby doesn't even seem nervous about it. Granted, my mom and dad are close and are going to help, but I think that he will have every evening to himself, he's only looking for help while he's at work. What an amazing man.

My hubby has strengthened me in my faith, even though I have been resistant at times--sorry honey! I truly believe that this is the man that He has picked out for me to be with and that the struggles that we encounter have only made our relationship grow stronger, as well as our relationship with God. I look forward to what the rest of this amazing life brings and growing old with the man I love. I hope I can always stop and remember how spoiled I am!

Love you babe!

Monday, May 19, 2008


This one had me in hysterics!
Jacob and Kyle were riding home from church in the car yesterday making animal noises. One would make the noise and the other would try to guess what it was. One of the conversations went like this:

Jacob: Mom, what noise does a chicken make?

Mom: Bock, bock

Jacob: Kyle, what's this animal, bock, bock?

Kyle: Chicken

Jacob: (screaming) Kyle! You're not supposed to listen when I talk to Mom. Cover your ears!

Kyle: (covers his ears)

Jacob: Mom, what sound does a chicken make?

Mom: Bock, bock

Jacob: Okay Kyle, you can take your hands off your ears now. What's this animal, bock, bock?

Kyle: Chicken

Jacob: (screaming again) No! You don't get to know!

I don't know where the logic was, but Jacob had it somewhere!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go Diego, Go!

Last week Wednesday my hubby and I took the kids to see Go Diego, Go! at the Rialto theater in Joliet. We had some miscommunication and ended up leaving a half an hour late, but made it just in time!

I was worried that Jacob would spend the afternoon complaining that he was hungry and Zachary would just want to run down the aisles, but everyone seemed to be transfixed. The actors were incredible because there was constant noise in the theater and they just kept on going. It was actually pretty entertaining, with just the right mix of things that the kids could recognize from all the Diego episodes on TV and new stuff as well. Even Dora made an appearance!

We ate dinner in the car on the way home and then plopped everyone right into bed. Even with the little stress about getting there, a fun time was had by all. Kyle never moved in his seat and said he enjoyed. Jacob said that he would have rather not gone, but he is into saying what he knows will get to us lately. Zachary sat on my hubby's or my lap for the entire show. I could tell he was really liking it because if someone moved in front of him, he would move his head so that he could see too! It was definitely an afternoon to remember!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Okay, so just to let you all know. I did some digging and found how to allow people who do not have a Google account to leave comments, just post yourself as anonymous. I know that there are many of you out there that want to leave comments and have not been able to. I hope this helps!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Two Voices Joined...

I have this poem that hangs in my hallway, right in between Jacob and Kyle's rooms. It made me cry the very first time I read it and I knew I had to have it. The author is Teri Harrison, so here goes:


Awed to be expecting twins,
A mother's journey now begins
Blessed with heaven's gift of two,
I fell in love with both of you.

As days passed and months moved on,
I prayed for two, born safe and strong.

Thrilled by the promise of the joys to-be,
Like two voices joined in ABC's.
Shared sweet kisses on cheeks and lips,
Two toddlers riding atop two hips.

I promise to see you each as one,
Two connected, yet free lives begun.
Both loved completely, for all they are,
Following their own bright star.

I promise to encourage your treasured bond,
From babies to children and beyond.
Partners, soul mates and best friends,
The love of each of you will depend.

At last I stroke each newborn face,
I knew my heart was touched by grace.
My hands now full--as most will say,
Yet my life never richer than today.

Awed to hold my little ones,
Our lives together have begun.
Blessed with heaven's gift of two,
I will forever love the both of you.

I pass by this poem every day as I walk into and out of Kyle's room and I stop and reread it almost every time. Each time I read it, something different gets me about it. Lately, the stanza about the joys to be keeps jumping out at me and I finally figured out why. In the car, we love to sing, but usually, Jacob will sing a song by himself and then Kyle will sing the same song, or vice versa. Usually a fight will erupt if either one tries to sing while the other is singing, but lately, they have been asking each other to sing with them. When they do this, I can hear the smiles in their voices, and sure enough, when I look in my rear view mirror, they are both grinning from ear to ear. Tonight, they were singing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame" to try and teach Zachary. Sometimes all three of them sing the same song and it just melts my heart.

I don't think much about the natural bond that Jacob and Kyle have. They were never the twins that when they were newborns moved closer to one another in their sleep. They have almost completely different interests and talents. Sometimes it's hard for me to believe that they are even brothers, let alone twins, but when they become "two voices joined" I start to think back to when they were little and were learning the basics of life. Neither one went too far without the other. Jacob crawled just one week before Kyle. Kyle rolled over days before Jacob. It was like they were going to wait for the other one to catch up before they moved on to something new.

There is a bond between Jacob and Kyle. I just need to remember it and try to encourage it as much as I know how. Because of their different interests, they have the possibility of slipping away from each other or appreciating in the other what it is that they are truly talented at. I hope that God helps me with the ability to show them how to do the latter. They have to potential to be such great friends.

I love them both so much and yet my love for each of them is so different. I have had to put it in God's hands to love them each for who they are and to not let my little idea of what they should be play into it at all. I can't wait to see what amazing men they will become!

Tulip Time 2008

During the first weekend in May, we went for our annual trip to Tulip Time in Pella, IA. I know that there is one in Holland, MI which is closer, but my in-laws live in Pella and it has become a great family gathering. In fact, we decided this year that Tulip Time is a more important family gathering time than Christmas, since Kris's sister Jill couldn't get home for Christmas, but was able to get home for Tulip Time.

Anyway, my mother-in-law has sewed dutch costumes for all the girls, and found costumes for all the boys, including all 4 grandsons. We all just couldn't wait to get there and put them all on. The weather was a little rainy and cold, but all-in-all it held out, none of the parades were cancelled, and we even got to walk in the parade on Saturday afternoon. Kris's sister Jodi carried Zachary, Jacob rode in the wagon, and Kyle walked the whole thing, strutting and waving, as this picture shows:

The tulips were beautiful, in fact, there were some that were not even opened yet. I have been going to Tulip Time since 1999, and I can't remember a time when there were tulips unopened. The ones that were opened were spectacular and here are some of those pictures:

Here are some other wonderful memories of this exciting weekend that Jacob and Kyle have been asking about for the last six months. It's something that they seem to remember, even though they can't remember where they got dressed this morning so they can go find their pajamas and put them in the hamper. It's good to know that the important things make a mark!


Back From Break

Sorry for the little hiatus. I had a few other things that needed my attention during the time that I normally blog. Some were fun, like I made a scrapbook for my mother-in-law for Mother's Day, but others were not, such as keeping up with the laundry now that we wear one set of clothes for the morning and then have to strip them into warmer-weather clothes for the afternoon.

We as a family have been busy as well. We went to Tulip Time in Pella. More on that in another blog. We also had Jacob and Kyle's parents' teas at their school and it seems that there have been so many other things I have been at their school for lately. I can't believe that they only have 3 more days left of preschool this year. Zachary finished up his days at his Parent's Day Out program and will go again next year. Love the program--he is there once a week from 9 am until 1 pm. He loves it and it's good for the family. This year when he was gone, I was able to do some fung things with just Jacob and Kyle-time I don't feel I have enough of lately, with only one more year until they go to full-time kindergarten. Yikes! In trying to make some arrangements for doctors for Jacob, we have run into some other snags. Anyway, look for updates on the goings on of late! I have missed keeping track of things!