Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Tulip Time 2008

During the first weekend in May, we went for our annual trip to Tulip Time in Pella, IA. I know that there is one in Holland, MI which is closer, but my in-laws live in Pella and it has become a great family gathering. In fact, we decided this year that Tulip Time is a more important family gathering time than Christmas, since Kris's sister Jill couldn't get home for Christmas, but was able to get home for Tulip Time.

Anyway, my mother-in-law has sewed dutch costumes for all the girls, and found costumes for all the boys, including all 4 grandsons. We all just couldn't wait to get there and put them all on. The weather was a little rainy and cold, but all-in-all it held out, none of the parades were cancelled, and we even got to walk in the parade on Saturday afternoon. Kris's sister Jodi carried Zachary, Jacob rode in the wagon, and Kyle walked the whole thing, strutting and waving, as this picture shows:

The tulips were beautiful, in fact, there were some that were not even opened yet. I have been going to Tulip Time since 1999, and I can't remember a time when there were tulips unopened. The ones that were opened were spectacular and here are some of those pictures:

Here are some other wonderful memories of this exciting weekend that Jacob and Kyle have been asking about for the last six months. It's something that they seem to remember, even though they can't remember where they got dressed this morning so they can go find their pajamas and put them in the hamper. It's good to know that the important things make a mark!


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The Bakers said...

The boys are completely adorable and the pictures of the tulips don't even look real. What a great set of family memories.