Saturday, May 17, 2008

Go Diego, Go!

Last week Wednesday my hubby and I took the kids to see Go Diego, Go! at the Rialto theater in Joliet. We had some miscommunication and ended up leaving a half an hour late, but made it just in time!

I was worried that Jacob would spend the afternoon complaining that he was hungry and Zachary would just want to run down the aisles, but everyone seemed to be transfixed. The actors were incredible because there was constant noise in the theater and they just kept on going. It was actually pretty entertaining, with just the right mix of things that the kids could recognize from all the Diego episodes on TV and new stuff as well. Even Dora made an appearance!

We ate dinner in the car on the way home and then plopped everyone right into bed. Even with the little stress about getting there, a fun time was had by all. Kyle never moved in his seat and said he enjoyed. Jacob said that he would have rather not gone, but he is into saying what he knows will get to us lately. Zachary sat on my hubby's or my lap for the entire show. I could tell he was really liking it because if someone moved in front of him, he would move his head so that he could see too! It was definitely an afternoon to remember!

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