Thursday, May 22, 2008


It's true! I am so spoiled. God has given me three wonderful children. I can usually appreciate them, seeing as we went through some infertility to get my twins. Zachary was a wonderful miracle all of his own. However, what I don't appreciate as much as I should is my fantastic hubby who spoils me literally every day.

This is a man who hits the ground running every day, whether in the morning or after work. Take this morning for example, I got the kids dressed and teeth brushed while he got ready for work, but then he let me get ready and he gave everyone breakfast, including making eggs for me!

He is willing to work from home and watch after one or two of the kiddos so that I can go do something special with one of them. He is not afraid to take all of them somewhere--and that can be a daunting task, two 4-year-olds and a 2-year-old! He gives all the baths--I hate baths. That started while I was pregnant with Zachary and had a hard time getting down to bathe them and has continued until this day.

The big one lately, he is going to be in charge of the kids for almost two weeks while I go to Beijing, China. That's right--I'm outta here June 25 and won't be back until July 14. My hubby doesn't even seem nervous about it. Granted, my mom and dad are close and are going to help, but I think that he will have every evening to himself, he's only looking for help while he's at work. What an amazing man.

My hubby has strengthened me in my faith, even though I have been resistant at times--sorry honey! I truly believe that this is the man that He has picked out for me to be with and that the struggles that we encounter have only made our relationship grow stronger, as well as our relationship with God. I look forward to what the rest of this amazing life brings and growing old with the man I love. I hope I can always stop and remember how spoiled I am!

Love you babe!

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emilymcd said...

No way... we both wrote about our hubbies?

I loved this post. You're right... you have an amazing husband, Beth. He's very kind and spiritually strong. I'm glad you two compliment each other.