Friday, January 21, 2011


Here is a story Jacob brought home today. This is word-for-word, punctuation, and capitalization as is. I couldn't help but pass it on. Who knew my first grader could write so much!

on thanksgiving morning mom wakes up me, kyle, alyssa, and Zachary. we pack up are stuff and go to my grandmas house. It takes us half an hour to get to my grandmas house when we get there we sit down at the table we say are prar. then we eat dinner. there is always a lot of food. sometimes I eat to much food. I really love the turkey. then for desert we have cherry pie. grandma's cherry pie is awesome! then we sit down on the couch and we watch foot ball. grandmas couch is really comfy. we watch the bears Play daddy is really happy when the bears get a touchdown. my grandma has a crawl space. she has a chair to get in the crawl space. In the crawl space we play hide the easter eggs. Its a game where someone has a basket of easter eggs and he hides the easter eggs there is always time for every kid to get a turn to hide the eggs. grandma's crawlspace is really big so there are a lot of places to hide the eggs. we take turns to let everybody got a turn. Kyle finds the best hiding spots so it takes us a long time to find the eggs. then before we leave we hug and kiss each other. my mom has a cold so we cannot kiss her. then we get in the car to go home. i sleep in the car on the way home because it had really bissy day. But it was really fun.

It's not all true, but I still love reading it. I am more and more amazed every day with the progress that he is making, and although you cannot see it, the handwriting is beautiful! I can only hope it continues!