Saturday, September 13, 2008

I am Living My Worst Nightmare!

No kidding. I used to pity those poor parents whose kids were up every night or wound up in bed with them. I always felt sorry for them. Now, I'm feeling sorry for me! I am not a nice person when I don't have sleep. All of my children have slept through the night by the time they were 3 months old, two were by 2 months.

Well, we have now become that family. Zachary is up at least once every night, and has been for the last 3 months or so. He has to go potty or make sure that his door is cracked or say "Night, night" one more time. Each time he goes right back to sleep, but one of us has to get up and ge him back in bed.

This past week Jacob and Kyle have each had two overnight accidents. Kyle hasn't had a wet bed in so long (over a year) that he had no idea why he woke up wet. Jacob wet the bed so fully that it went around the mattress and managed to wet both sides of it. He then had to sleep on a sleeping bag on the floor all night and that did not go well. Now Jacob has a cold and he is up to tell me that his nose is stuffy or to ask us to blow it.

One night all three kids were each up once and the only one to make it to the potty...Zachary.

Have I mentioned lately how wonderful my hubby is? He knows that I am a grouch, so he gets up a majority of the time, puts each kid back to bed, and goes back to sleep himself. I do help with wet beds and wet pajamas, but he does the quick ones.

All in all, it's not horrible, but with a new baby on the way, knowing I am going to be up lots of nights, I need them to sleep all the way through the night, or at least go back to sleep on their own if they do wake up. They used to with no problem, we never heard from them. What happened?

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