Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Okay, so I have all these friends who tell me of their children's masterful feats of making up stories or who sit and ask Mom or Dad to "Tell me a story." I have never had these kids. Don't get me wrong. Mine love to sit and listen to a book. We can read book upon book upon book ad nauseum, until I decide that I just can't read anymore and they will sit and listen to all of them. It's actually quite a peaceful time in my house and I usually reserve it for right before bedtime or naptime. The teacher in me is quite proud of that. However, the idea of making up stories has never interested us. In fact I even had one friend who wrote her child's story down so he could illustrate it. I was starting to think that some of the literary creative juices had spilled somewhere.

Until today...

We were riding over to my mom's house to let the dog out while she was out of town and my dad was at work. We passed by a construction area where they were fixing a bridge and they had a crane out working. The next thing I knew, I heard this.

Kyle: See this is what it says, "Kyle couldn't reach the crane."

So, again, I think the teacher in me saw the moment and the following discussion ensued.

Mom: Is that your story? What happened next?
Kyle: Then he climbed up the crane.
Mom: Wow, where did he go?
Kyle: The crane took him to his house and slid him inside.
Mom: Then what did he do?
Kyle: He just played.
Mom: That sounds like a great ending for your story.
Kyle: Yeah, that's the end. He just played and played.

I know to many it's not much, but I was so happy that he was following a progression of events. And then I heard this.

Kyle: Jacob do you want me to do another one?
Jacob: Yeah!
Kyle: Who do you want it to be about?
Jacob: Jacob!
Kyle: Once upon a time there was a boy named Jacob. He liked his cooking class and his gymnastics class...

I can't remember the rest, but there was a small problem which was quickly resolved and then a Zachary story was told. Unfortunately when Jacob asked him to tell one about Mommy he couldn't think of one. Oh well, I am thrilled with what I got. Who knows? Maybe I'll even write it down and let Kyle illustrate it! Is that crossing some eerie teacher line? :)

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