Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bridal Shower

My sister had a bridal shower over the weekend. It just also happened to be the weekend that my in-laws were in for a visit. My children are desperately trying to understand the role that they will be playing in this wedding, no, check that, they are desperately trying to figure out what a wedding is. They have seen Mommy and Daddy's wedding picture, they know that they are going to wear special clothes, and they know that they are invited (which, by the way, is very important to them), but they don't really get what it is.

Anyway, as I tried to get things ready Friday and Saturday, the conversation went something like this:

Jacob: What's a bridal shower Mom?
Mom: Well, it's kind of like a party where all the people who love Aunt Sara come and give her the things she will need to have a house where she and Uncle Bill can live.
Kyle: Are we invited?
Mom: No honey, bridal showers are only for girls.
Jacob: Is Grandma Iowa going?
Mom: No honey, it's only for the girls in Aunt Sara's family.
Kyle: But Grandma Iowa is a girl.
Mom: I know honey, but you know how we go to Tulip Time and that's only Grandma Iowa's family, and when we go to the lake that's just Grandma Cassie's family? Well, this is just for the girls in Grandma Cassie's family. I know this is hard for you to understand.
Heck, it was getting hard for me to understand
Jacob: So when are we invited?
And the circle of life continues.

Somewhere down the line I think we will get it, but maybe not before the wedding actually happens-it might be many, many years after that.


emilymcd said...

Hey... you did it! I hope it went well!

Anonymous said...

At least they will look good while they are there :)

Aunt Sara

P.S. The shower went fantastic!!!