Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Like Father, Like Son

Just in case we weren't sure that Jacob and Kyle belonged to my hubby...try this!

My hubby has this annoying little habit of wanting to rehash every hand of cards that he plays. When the hand is over, he will ask if someone had x card and then proceed to tell what was in his hand and how he could have played it differently or how he knew that he was going to win. Occasionally there is someone who likes to do this as well, but I think most people just want to get on with the game.

As I watch Jacob and Kyle playing catch with Daddy's softballs, I see and hear the following things:
Kyle: Did you see that? The ball just rolled like this and then I had to pull my glove up like this (all the while demonstrating with the ball and glove in slow motion).
Jacob: Give me the ball so I can show you what happened. The ball went like this and I had to go like this (again, demonstrating in slow motion).

They went on like this all morning, rehashing every catch they made and even ones they didn't. At this age, it was really cute, but I'm not sure how long the cute-factor will continue.

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