Thursday, July 10, 2008

Final Thoughts

This will be my last entry from China. The girl who has been so gracious as to let me use her computer is leaving on Saturday and has to pack everything up. I'm not quite sure how to end my time here.

We have our final class tomorrow. I am going to be a little sad to leave them. I feel like we were just getting started and I am pretty sure that I will never see any of them in the states. We wrote our first sentence last night in class. I can now communicate with them just a little and now I have to leave. We are participating in the youth service tonight at the evening church, we will not be teaching, we have to sing half and hours worth of music. It will be a nice break.

Saturday we have no plans. I am going to pack and try to get ready to readjust myself to being able to eat fast food again (he he). I miss my family dearly. I talked to them on the phone this morning and had lots of tears in my eyes. Although I have had some amazing experiences, next time I want to do them with my family. Sunday we are checking out of this hotel and into a fancy one for one night. We are just going to relax and then have a communion service in the evening. Then my flight leaves Monday morning at 9 am.

I would not trade this experience for anything. The Chinese people are amazing. They are so welcoming and agreeable to whatever. Many of the people here have made some lasting relationships with some of them. I wish I could say that was the case for me, but unfortunately, having the classes that spoke no English, I didn't get the chance to have those. However, I will never forget what has happened to me in these last two weeks. They have shaped who I am, especially in my walk with God.


emilymcd said...

Oh, Beth... I'm so glad to hear about your positive experiences there.

Safe travels on your journey home!!

Kris said...

Beth what a great testament to your experiences. The boys are doing great...Zach's here today and the other two are enjoying the Cubbies later today! Be safe! We'll see you when you get back!