Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Yes, we have just one daredevil in our family. You might think with three boys that we would have three, but no, we just have one.

Zachary is my daredevil.

When he rides his tricycle outside, the neighbors all ask around to see who is available to watch Jacob and Kyle when I have to take Zachary to the emergency room. See, he doesn't use the pedals, he leans far over the handlebars and gets his feet going (think Fred Flintstone in the car) and he gets himself moving. He refuses to pedal as it is slower that what he does.

He has been dubbed by all who know him as "The King of Near Misses" and he truly is. Sometimes, I am already getting the keys as I watch him do something because I know the ER is our next stop, but somehow, God miraculously watches over this kid.

I am always ready, but ever hopeful that he will stay safe. However, I am not too optimistic since I know that he already thinks that he is at least as old if not older that his brothers. Oh well, the docs in the ER will get to know us well I have a feeling!

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