Monday, October 13, 2008

Asian Beetles

Do you have the Asian Beetles at your house? I'm sure you do. They look just like ladybugs but are more orange in color, and they smell as well. We have them all over by us. We have had them before, but they seem to be extra-populous this year.

I went to lay down with Jacob in my room yesterday for a nap and I went over to close the blinds. We had the windows open because it was a beautiful day. As I closed the first blind, I noticed there was one of those beetles on the window. I decided that I wasn't going to deal with it because I really wanted Jacob to sleep and I was just being lazy. As I closed the second blind which is the big window of our bay window, I noticed about 10 more. As I started to look, they were on the ceiling above the bay window and over on the third window as well. Fortunately my hubby was also home and he came in and took care of all of them, but I bet he found 30 beetles.

It turned out that our screens are not quite the right size for the windows and the beetles were able to get in the sides of the screens. I guess we cannot open the windows in our room until beetle season is over. I'm hoping that's when a hard frost hits. Until then, I guess that we'll run our fan and try not to be too stuffy. Anybody have any other ideas that don't involve spending lots of money to replace our screens?

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