Tuesday, October 14, 2008


In the last week all three kids have been to see the doctor. Zachary got two shots, while Jacob and Kyle each got four shots and the flu mist. So Jacob and Kyle can now go to kindergarten. Too bad it won't be for another 10 months.

Our statistics are amazingly similar. Zachary weighed in at 331/2 lbs. and stretched 40 inches. Jacob was 411/2 lbs. and 451/2 inches. Kyle was 43 lbs. and 46 inches. Amazingly, all of their body mass indexes were about the same. Zachary's was 14, Jacob's 14.1, and Kyle's 14.2. All three kids have heights in the 95th percentile, weights right around the 50th percentile, and body mass indexes right around the 5-10th percentile. So when you see us in our bathing suits and ribs are sticking out, it's okay. The doctor says they're healthy and it will probably stay that way, just please don't push any extra fatty food our way. They don't need to be "fattened up" and someday that number will be much harder for them to manage, so they still need to learn to eat healthy and exercise.

Other than that, we are doing well. The baby gets a check tomorrow, so we should be able to hear the heartbeat again. She has been pretty happy in there, sleeping a lot and kicking a bit. I am hopeful that means that this baby will sleep a lot when she is born. Probably just wishful thinking!

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