Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I just got off the phone with a coordinator of early childhood services in our school district. I have spent the last three weeks filling out her paperwork to try and get Jacob some extra help with his fine motor skills. Here are some of the insane things she told me since I was the one who initiated the assessment and not the district:

1. Occupational Therapy is a related service to an instructional program. It is not offered alone.
So, as long as a kid can think it, it doesn't matter that he's going to struggle to write it down?

2. In the field of education we are going away from looking at the process and just looking at the product.
Are you kidding me? We no longer look at how a child gets to an answer as long as it's right? This is completely the opposite of the Illinois State Standards. This was after I told her that I had been a teacher, right here in the state!

3. In looking at some of the answers that you filled out, I would have given him a higher score.
Of course you would have, then you wouldn't have to burden yourself with the paperwork that is necessary to test this child.

All in all, I can't believe that an educator would not want the best for any child. I know that because I am the mom I have a special interest in this particular child, but I just got off the phone fuming. In all my years as a teacher (and I know, it was only seven), I would never have told a parent any of those things. It seemed very disrespectful to me both as a parent and former educator. I did get him an assessment play date with an occupational therapist, but I am not holding my breath. It seems that if I want Jacob to get some help, I am going to have to pay for it myself. Where that money is coming from, I have no idea! Please pray for all of us!


emilymcd said...

I'm sorry, Beth.

It's hard for us to care so much for our children and to see others act so nonchalantly. Ugh.

Rachel K said...

Might be worth it to pay out of pocket for OT, even if it's only once or twice a month, that way you can work with him using some OT-based suggestions between visits (says the pediatrician). Is there someone else in the district (like this woman's supervisor) who you can talk to?

trevsmom said...

Hey Beth,

I am Kris's sister in law, Pam. I am an Occupational therapy assistant and would be happy to offer some suggestions/resources for you. I am very familiar with Dupage County, what school district are you in? feel free to email

I would be more than happy to help you out. :-)