Friday, April 18, 2008

Doing Our Best

This post comes a couple days late! On Wednesday, it was supposed to be beautiful (of course it was soooooo windy), but with nothing to do (how amazing!) I decided that it was time for our first bike ride of the year.

Jacob was so excited! He has been practicing for the last few days and was ready to go. He loves to go to the bike path.

I hooked up the bike trailer, loaded some snacks in the back, along with Kyle's ball and glove, put Zachary in, and away the four of us went.

We got three doors down and Kyle stops and says, "I want to ride in the trailer." I asked him if it was because he was uncomfortable on his bike or that he was tired. He said that he was uncomfortable on his bike.

Wrong answer to get what you want Kyle! I explained to him that he had yet to be out on his bike this year and he was just feeling a little wobbly. He needed to ride his bike a little bit and he would be better. Well, we went about 20 more houses with him calling, "Mom! Wait for me!" (I was about a bike length ahead of him. I continued to reassure him that he was doing great and that he was going to be fine. He had a little trouble getting his pedals fixed the way he wanted them to get started, but he figured it out. We were able to ride all the way to the park, play for awhile, and then ride all the way home.

Just as a side note, Jacob took off and had to be reminded to wait for us. He was great about it. He stopped at every street and waited until I told him he could cross. He was absolutely in heaven. I know that there are many more rides in our future. It was actually nice to see him excel at something. He tends to struggle with so much, his fine motor control and hand-eye coordination are not nearly as good as Kyle's. He had such a wonderful smile on his face, and not that I like to see Kyle struggle, it was just nice to see the roles of the two boys reversed. So many things come so easy for Kyle (and that really is wonderful) and Jacob is so jealous of it and wants to do everything Kyle can do.

We've been getting ready to do some fine motor assessments with Jacob to see if he may qualify for some extra help. Writing, coloring, using scissors is so hard for him. I was thankful for God's little reminder to focus on all the wonderful things that Jacob can do, and the beautiful smile that came along with it will hopefully help me remember it.

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