Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Lesson Learned

After dropping Jacob and Kyle off at school this morning, Zachary and I went to Sam's to get a few staples that we were out of. Zachary has decided that he likes to help now instead of just ride in the cart. This is fine as long as it is just him and me.

Today he was carrying my Sam's card when we reached the frozen section. We needed some fish sticks. I opened the freezer door and heard this, "No! I want to open it!"

Okay, so I closed the door and let Zachary open it. No big deal, I can handle this. I pull out some fish sticks and put them in the cart. I immediately hear, "No! I want to carry them."

I politely respond, "Honey, they are too heavy. That's why we have the cart."

We went about 4 more steps with him complaining all the way about how he wanted to carry the fish sticks, so I just decided to hand him the bag of 115 fish sticks.

Immediately, I hear, "Oops!" Of course he had dropped them. He set my card down on the floor, used two hands to pick the fish sticks up, and said, "We need to put these in the cart."

I guess next time, I'll just hand the heavy stuff to him right away and he'll determine where it should go.

Lesson learned (not sure if it was his or mine).

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