Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Potty Training-Day 3

Okay, so I braced myself for a day filled with pee pee and poop and headed into Zachary's room this morning to get him in his underwear. He was dry again! The kid has been dry overnight the last three nights. This just strengthens my resolve that he needs to be trained. We were going downtown to McCormick place where my sister works to meet her for lunch. I packed up a couple extra pairs of underwear and pants and we got on our way. He had no accidents today! We were able to meet, have lunch (granted we were in the potty twice) and get home without incident. He was even dry after his nap again. We did great all evening until Jacob and Kyle's bedtime. I was upstairs with them and my hubby was moving a set of shelves he had made into the living room with a neighbor when Zachary comes waddling toward me with wet pants saying, " I went poopies in my underwear." Well, at least we have established that we are wearing underwear and not pull ups (I get one point for that).

Luckily, in swoops Grandma! She was coming to babysit and she cleaned him all up, so no accidents for me today! Tomorrow we are going to the Kohl's Children's Museum so we'll see if we can keep up our wonderful record! Like I said, I am not going back!

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