Thursday, April 3, 2008

Potty Training-Day 4

Well, dry again this morning! The thing I always think will take forever is coming the fastest. He hasn't been wet during a sleeping period all week. God has answered one of my prayers about potty training, just not necessarily the one that I would have thought.

Anyway, we headed off the Kohl Children's Museum out in Glenview. Armed with 4 pairs of underwear and pants, along with dry socks, I had Zachary go potty when we got there and said another little prayer. He did great! Our biggest problem was that he got soaked in the water area and while I had plenty of pants, I had forgotten to bring him dry shirts. Well, Kyle let his little brother wear his undershirt for the day (Jacob refused). When I went to change him out of all his wet clothes, I did find a load of poop in the underwear, but I was going to change them anyway and I just dumped the poop in the potty. He even made it through lunch. He did poop in his underwear again on the ride home, but fortunately, jeans are very forgiving and not very porous. He was dry again after nap and then again pooped in his underwear right before his bath tonight. We are definitely getting the hang of this, but I think I have to require him to sit longer in the potty at times that I know he has to poop. We'll get there!

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