Friday, April 4, 2008

Ten Thoughts

After being tagged by my friend Emily, I finally narrowed down my thoughts to these ten:

1. Why is it my children sleep when I need them awake and are awake when I need them to sleep?

2. The Cubs are already 1-3 this year. It seems we are already going downhill! (Spoken like a true Cubs' fan as my hubby would say)

3. I am amazed that Zachary has been finding every bird he can and he is always telling me that the bird is "looking at us."

4. Can I just take a month off from being a mommy and catch my scrapbook up to date? Of course I don't want any time to pass--I don't want to miss any moments either!

5. When I taught, I could remember the day to day happenings of 30 or so children. Why is it today I can't remember when one of my children last ate?

6. Summer is coming! Yea!

7. Patience is probably my smallest gift, if I even have any at all. That does not make for good mothering. Ah, always something to be working on.

8. There are so many tasks that I dread doing, yet when I do them, they take about 5 minutes. Why don't I just get them over with?

9. How did I end up with a man who loves every part of me? I truly do not deserve him. He must be a gift from God.

10. God continually shows me his grace. I don't always remember to look for it, but yet when I do, there it is, right in front of me!

Thanks Em, this really made me think!

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