Tuesday, March 18, 2008

What? We Can Go Outside?

Yes, that was the question asked by my children last Friday. We had such beautiful weather, warm enough for no coats, yet it has been so long since we were able to be outside for any length of time, my children actually asked why we were going out. For the last couple of months we have gone outside with a specific goal in mind-shovel the driveway, make a snowman, go sledding, that we have forgotten how to just be outside and enjoy it.
Up and down our street people started to venture out. Even though we live within a few doors of each other, we never know what we are doing in the winter and it was nice to get out and chat and find out how everyone survived their lockdown.
Kyle finally got to get out that baseball glove that he has been dying to use. He's pretty good too. He loves to throw the ball up in the air and catch it. Is that how the great players started? He always wants to play catch, and sometimes I am all about doing it, and other times, I feel like the grinch and tell him no. Luckily, there is an 8-year-old boy across the street who loves to play catch with him. There is truly a blessing in that.

Zachary thinks he is all that. He loves his tricycle. We just have to figure out how to teach him how far he is allowed to go on our block. It will come!

Jacob still hasn't quite figured out what he is going to do outside all summer. He loves to ride his bike, but with his limited space, he bores of it easily. He wants to go on bike rides, and I'm sure we will go on many, but he needs to find something to do when we are home as well. We'll find something!
All in all it was a great day. Everyone had fun and slept really well that night!

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