Thursday, March 6, 2008

Geography Lesson

Okay, so we were doing some cutting today. Kyle asked for just a piece of paper and started cutting, with the words, "I'm going to make a picture. I'm going to make the ut." I had to ask him what "ut" was as it is not in my vocabulary. He said, "You know, what God made." We had just read the story of creation and the fall of Adam and Eve a few days before, so I figured out that he was talking about the earth. Well after a carefully placing each piece that he cut, I asked him about his picture. Here is how he described it.
Kyle: "This piece (the piece next to his right hand) is Florida. This piece (the long skinny one above it) is Colorado. This (the big square in the middle) is a bridge and there is water underneath it. This piece (the one way over on his left) is.....where is longer than Florida Mom?"
Mom: "You mean Mexico?"
Kyle: "Yeah, this piece is Mexico. That's my earth."
I have a good friend who is a geography teacher. I really hope that he doesn't see this. He will lose all his faith in me as a mother and a former teacher. But hey, at least he's trying!

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