Friday, March 28, 2008


This came while we were sitting downstairs in our pajamas this morning playing Zachary's little Thomas the Train computer that teaches letters, among other things.

Mom: Which letter is different?
Zachary: The h (He was right too)
Mom: You're right Zachary! How did you know that was an h? You are such a smarty pants!
Zachary: No, I'm not wearing pants, I'm wearing pajamies!

Ah, I love the literal world of 2!


Travis Deur said...
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Travis Deur said...

Hey, Beth!

I've entered the world of blogging and got linked to your site.

Aidan would react in much the same way when wearing shorts. Using the pronunciation he still uses today, I decided to avoid correction every time and just started calling him Smarty Shworts.