Monday, March 24, 2008


Kyle has been getting up at night. He usually just gets up once, knocks on our door, we take him back to bed, and he stays the rest of the night. It's a little annoying and we're working on a solution, but it's pretty easy to deal with. Last night, he did this once. Later in the night we heard screaming. My hubby went to check on him and found throw-up on his blanket, pillow, and pajamas. However, he gave him some Motrin for his fever and he went back to sleep until morning. He seems a little lethargic today, but no fever and hasn't thrown up at all. He won't eat, but that's another story. Hopefully we are not gettting the dreaded flu that has been going around, but if we are, I will not complain because we have been extremely healthy this winter and anything that we do seem to get, goes away quickly, with Zachary taking the brunt of it. Hopefully, there will not be too much laundry associated with this (if you catch my drift), and we'll be back to normal tomorrow.

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