Friday, February 8, 2008

Snow Play

Okay, so I gave in. Jacob and Kyle officially started quiet time today. We have a bit of work to do in that area. They are going to have to work up to doing things quietly for an hour. Anyway, while the two little ones were still sleeping (I watch another two year old on Thursdays and Fridays), we went outside to shovel and play in the snow. I have completely failed my children when it comes to playing in the snow. The first thing that Kyle did when he got out there was try to play with his baseball glove. Now, he is definitely a baseball player and loves every minute of it, but this was not a good day for him to try and use his glove and the wooden bat that the neighbor boy left out. So I decided that I better get to work. We had a huge mound of snow on the grass by the curb, so I thought it would be fun to make a tunnel through the snow. I figured that once I got started they would be so excited that they would help me along. WRONG! They were actually afraid of the tunnel. They worried that they wouldn't be able to get back out. So, I dug from both ends and finally was able to stick my foot through the middle to connect them (I would have gotten stuck!). After that, the boys helped me dig a little bit, and Jacob eventually wiggled through. Kyle took some more convincing and Jacob went through many times before Kyle was finally coaxed through. The smile on his face though was worth it all. Fortunately, the snow was a little icy after sitting through the rain we had and all so the tunnel is pretty strong. As long as the weather doesn't get so warm that all the snow melts, we should have it for a pretty long time!


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