Friday, February 22, 2008

Pout Much?

You already know about Zachary's obsession with trains. Did I also tell you about his obsession with changing clothes. Now, many of you may think, well, sure lots of kids like to change their clothes, but you have not heard this story.

Zachary HATES to change his clothes. If he is wearing pajamas, then he wants to leave them on. If he is wearing clothes, then he wants to leave those on.

Today, we had an accident in the basement and Zachary stepped in it. His jeans are just a little too long and those got wet as well as his socks. I managed to get the jeans and one sock off of him and I threw them in our laundry room in a deep basket that we have. I got him some new pants and socks and came down to put them on him. Well, here is how I found him:

That blue basket is where his wet jeans and socks were. He was so mad that I took his clothes off that he stood there (and fell there) trying to reach into that basket and get his clothes out. No other clothes would do...he needed those clothes. Someday maybe I'll figure out what God was trying to teach me with this little one. He certainly has a strong will, but as my father told him one day last summer, "Give it up Zach, your mom will win every time." Hmmm, wonder where Zachary and I get it from?

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