Friday, February 22, 2008

Marshmallow Snowmen

Okay, so the weather has been too cold to go outside, which my three boys desperately need to do, so I decided that rather that just run around, we would find a structured project to do. I went searching through my house to see what I could find. I don't like to do too many color crafts because my boys just are not into coloring. Well, what I decided on was...."Marshmallow Snowmen!" I thought we could use the same idea as the gingerbread house, but just use marshmallows to make people instead. So, after borrowing some powdered sugar from a neighbor to make some frosting, who we also decided to invite over for this wonderful adventure, we got started. I had graham crackers for the base, the marshmallows were frosted to these little squares. Then for decorations, I had thin mint cookies for hats, m & m's, jelly beans, chocolate chips, mini chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, kissables, raisins, candy hearts, and maybe that's it. The kids had fun, even if more of the candy did go in their mouths than on the snowmen. Here are some of the pictures we took!

Here is Kyle eating the candy.

Here is Zachary just spooning the frosting into his mouth.

Jacob is very proud of his creation.

The finished projects--Left to right--Jacob, Kyle, & Zachary (whose hearts used to me M & M's)

God granted me a lot of grace on this project. Every other sentence was, "Can I eat this?" but all in all we had a fun morning.


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emilymcd said...

I must get into you brain! This is such an awesome idea!