Saturday, February 23, 2008

Girls' weekend

Two of my high school girlfriends and I went away for the weekend. We all have kids so we left the hubbys in charge and away we went. We had no expectations of what the weekend would hold. We brought some old high school memorabilia and a Symphony bar (something we ate way too many of in high school) and settled in. So far, we can't even seem to keep track of time at all. We got here about 8:45 Friday night and the next thing we knew it was 2 am. Obviously I am a little tired, as I managed to sleep until noon Saturday. After a wonderful omlette breakfast (yes, at noon), we relaxed on the couch and the next thing we knew it was 6 pm. We showered and dressed and went out for a nice steak dinner, came home, watched "The Princess Bride" (what high school student didn't love that movie?), and again it was 2 am before we knew what hit us. I must be feeling better today because I only slept until 10 am. It has been so nice just to relax and talk. Not that everything has been about high school, because let's face it, we all have kids and it's hard to go too long without mentioning them, but our high school reunion cost about $170 for a couple and none of us had the money to go. Getting together and reminiscing was almost as good, in fact, it may have even been better. I have always cherished my time with these two friends and am sad that we don't spend enough time together. It's really sad because we all even have kids the same age--anyway, hopefully after this weekend we will make a commitment to get together more often. God has put these people in my life for a reason, and I do feel that my spirit has been strengthened this weekend and am truly looking forward to what He has next in strore for me.

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Katharine said...

I'm jealous -- I could use a Girls' Weekend too! I hope you had fun. Say hi to whoever you're with, since I may know them too! Katie