Thursday, December 4, 2008

Kyle's Star Day

Yesterday was Kyle's All About Me day at school. They call it his "Star Day." He got to share a poster that he made, share a book that he donated to the class, provide snack, and provide a craft for the class to do. Unfortunately, I didn't get any pictures of the craft, we were working on it so hard. Anyway, he also got to have anyone in the room that he wanted. Daddy stayed for about 45 minutes while Kyle shared his poster and read the story that Kyle decided to donate. Grandma Cassie stayed about an hour and a half, and I stayed the whole time. It was fun to get to see what Kyle does every day. We get to do Jacob's class on Monday.
Here is Kyle sharing his poster. I got to sit up there and help as well. We spent most of our time talking about Tulip Time and how much we liked to go and spend the time at the parades with family. His teacher was quite interested in that.

Here is Kyle and Daddy reading his story to the class. He donated the book Tacky the Penguin and he just loves when Daddy reads the silly places. It was Kyle's choice to have Daddy read.

Jacob even got to come over and listen to Kyle share. He loved the special attention of sitting on Grandma's lap. Grandma really liked getting to see what happens in 4-year-old preschool these days since she taught it about 20 years ago. She was quite impressed.

All in all, it was a fun morning. I am glad that I am not the teacher anymore. I don't know if I would have the patience anymore for the kids. It is often hard enough to have the patience with my own children. I truly thank God for the teachers that have been in my children's lives. They have been fantastic people.


Anonymous said...

I love the pictures and wish that I could have been there--but thank you for making me feel like I was :) I hope that I get to see them all this weekend, too!! Kyle told me about his day when we talked on the phone last night--it was too cute!!! Miss you and hope all is well--see you in a couple days!


Shannon said...

That looks like it was such a special time. We never did anything like that when I was in preschool.