Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas at Home

There is a wonderful magic that I feel waking up on Christmas morning. The kids are not yet at the age when they are waking up at 4 and 5 am to see what Santa brought, so we got to sleep until 7 am, then we opened our stockings, and opened our presents, and ate some Monkey Bread that I put in the oven before all the festivities. The kids are all at an age where they are so excited about what is in the package. However, there were a few presents that were a big hit already.

The boys all got matching pajamas last night to wear. I wish I had gotten Jacob and Kyle's a little bigger, but I already got size 6/7 for them. Who knew I would need bigger? We love our tree in the background!

We got the boys this wooden nativity scene to play with during the Christmas season. It has been a big hit. The boys love to each be one of the "kings."

Then we opened our stockings. I had no idea that the books with wheels and the tootsie rolls wold be such a big hit!

I know that his face doesn't show it, but Jacob has been asking to open this football all morning long. It's hard for him to understand that it's an outside toy and we're not going outside today.

Zachary got a stool and some train books. I think he could have sat there all day!

Anyway, after a fun-filled morning, we are off to my mom's house for some much-needed Grandma and Papa Cassie time. We just spent the weekend with Grandma and Papa Iowa. I will try to post some of the pictures from there later.


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