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Alyssa Update-9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 months

Oh my, where has the time gone? I was really hoping to post every month and get a good snapshot of Alyssa's first year, but here we are and I am 9 posts behind. So, I am going to try and catch up, maybe give you a couple sentences and a picture for each month. So, here goes...

9 months-Alyssa has been crawling for about a month and a half and pulling up and letting go for about a month, so I wasn't surprised when I looked over at the ottoman where she was standing, saw her let go, and take a couple of shuffle steps. She has also figured out how to navigate the single step from our kitchen to our family room. By the end of the month she was able to walk about 7-8 steps on her own. She also has started pulling everything out, she got a little purse and she empties it, her diapers all come out, she pulls Zachary's trains out of the box. It's a great game! She's still very smiley. She takes 2 good naps a day and we try to fit them in around the boys' school schedules. It's a fun time!
(November '09)
10 months-Alyssa has learned how to stand up from just the floor--not needing to pull up first. Once she figured that out, there was no stopping her. About a day later, she has chosen to walk exclusively. She now only crawls if it is absolutely necessary! I feel as if she is going to talk any day now, but we'll see. She wasn't as interested in Christmas as I thought she would be, she was just happy to walk around looking at everything. She is starting to roll over in her swaddle during her naps, so I know it's time soon to get rid of it. 10 months--I didn't even know it was possible to swaddle that long. She's doing better at night, but is still often up a couple times for a pacifier or who knows what. I am hoping that still gets better!
(December '09)

11 months--As you can see, we are still working on getting hair. I can't believe that she has stayed bald for so long! Zachary had so much hair, and even the boys had their first haircut at 11 months. She got this rocking horse for Christmas and she loves it! She can really get it rocking and she loves the song it sings when you push its ear. Her other new fascination is scarves. She is always reaching for mine on my coat. She loves to put it around her neck and walk around with it. She comes over to me with this amazingly proud look on her face. We also got rid of the swaddle and she is actually napping very well. She will nap for at least two hours in the morning and I will often have to wake her up to take Zachary to school. It's fun because then I get to spend all the time Zachary is at school with her and she is awake for all of it. Sometimes, she will take another nap before everyone is done with school and I have a neighbor who is in middle school come over off the bus and watch her (translation-sit in my quiet house while she sleeps) until I get everyone picked up. It's great!

(January '10)

(January '10)

12 months--Oh my, a whole year has gone by already. As you can see, we still have no hair, and we still are not saying any words, but just recently, she has really started to understand what we are saying. It's fo fun to ask her, "Where's your pink blankie?" and to have her start searching the room for it. She is still sleeping really well for her naps. She still wakes up at night, but maybe seems to be getting a little bit better. All in all, she is such a joy. She is still a peanut. She weighed in at 19 lbs. at her one year check up. We hope to hit 20 lbs. soon!

(February '10)

13 months--Ah, the weather finally warmed up enough to get outside a little. As you can see, we still have snow, but Alyssa got her first real pair of shoes and she wanted to get outside in them! She is loving walking around with her new "pink" push toy that Grandma just thought she had to have for Christmas!

(March '10)

14 months--As we start to head into the warmer months, Alyssa just keeps on growing. She is now pretty much eating everything that we do. As you can see in this picture, she especially loves chocolate chip cookies (or maybe this was an oreo--this is the problem with doing this so much later). Anyway, she eats most everything that we put in front of her. She likes spicy chicken a lot and lots of veggies as well. She has all 8 teeth in the front and by the way she is chomping on her fingers, I would gather that we will be getting some molars soon!

(April '10)

15 months--We finally got into May. That's always one of my favorite months. School is getting ready to get out so the kids are excited and we get to go to Pella for Tulip Time. Alyssa wore the same top she wore last year. However, this year she needed a skirt to go with it. She looked just darling and loved looking and touching and smelling all the tulips. I love this picture because I think it's hilarious that the tulips are taller than she is. She is getting ready to wean down to one nap, but with Zachary starting preschool at 12:45, I just can't give that to her yet, so she will take one big long nap from 10:30-12:30, and then I try to put her down again when the boys get home from school, but with soccer it makes it really hard, so she has been a little tired this month. She has been sleeping pretty good at night. I'd say about half the nights we don't hear from her at all and the other half she will cry out, but we don't often have to get up with her anymore. Hopefully we're getting there!

(May '10)

16 months--Wow! This is when things really start to get fun! I love this age. When my children get to this age, this is when I start thinking, "Gosh, I'd like to have another one!" However, we won't! :) Did I mention we are addicted to the pacifier still. I guess I'll try to start taking it away around 2. She is really good for the most part and we keep them in the bed. As you can see, she still can manage to sneak one on me every once in awhile. In the picture, I had been drying my hair, so she went in her room, grabbed a pacifier, and climbed up in her recliner to read! She loves books (the teacher in me is so proud!) and loves to be read to as well as read them on her own (even if they are upside down!). Her hair has started to fill in and it's been fun to put little pigtails in them. She has become a climber as well. I don't remember any of the boys being able or wanting to get up on things like she does. We'll just have to see where that gets us! She has transitioned seamlessly to one nap. Really, she has been the easiest of the four. She will sleep for about 2.5-3 hours each afternoon, but I'm not sure where I'm going to get all that time once school starts again! She has now gotten three of her four molars and seems to be working on the fourth one. I love watching her little brain work and I'm still waiting for the day when words just pour out of her mouth. So far, we have mama and dada--I think.

(June '10)

17 months--And that brings us to where we are! Here you can see my little fish up at the lake! She is loving summer! She aches to be outside and I can't keep her still once we are. She loves to put her suit on and seems to think that swimming diapers are for pooping in (if only they weren't so expensive, potty training-done!). She loves to interact with her brothers and all of the sudden we are starting to get some real words! She says, mama, dada, no, I don't know, uh-huh, ball, book, bug, bee, and sometimes Cassie (Grandma's dog). There are other things that she will say on occasion, but I wouldn't call them words yet. Although I can do pigtails in the back, I am still waiting for some hair to grow in on top. I want to do ponys on top of her head! Hey, she's my only girl, let me have my fun! :) Anyway, she is a very bold and brave little girl. Just yesterday I found her sitting on top of the kitchen table. I wish I had run for my camera! I'm sure it will happen again. She gets knocked down often, but only lets it bother her when she is tired. As I pass through each of these stages for the last time as a mom, I am trying to treasure each one and hope that I have enough pictures to help me remember each of them. Each child has been different, but fun in so many ways!

(July '10)


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