Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Busy Social Calendar

We went out to dinner last week Friday, as per our usual custom since school has started. On the way there we were discussing what we were going to do the next day. Zachary has learned how to ride a two wheeler, but doesn't really want to do it. I wanted him to see that if he keeps going, he can go on a bike ride, just like his brothers. So, I started talking about all the places they could go Saturday, the bike path, the park, etc. It was supposed to be beautiful so I thought it was a good day to be outside.

Kyle takes in all the conversation, and then says, very boldly, "That sounds like fun Mom, but I don't think I can go. I have a playdate with Reece tomorrow."

Excuse me, what?

I have not been informed of this playdate, so I say to him, "Honey, I haven't talked to Reece's mom to see if he can come over."

Kyle says, "That's okay Mom, I'm going over to Reece's. I just need you to tell me how to get there."

Well, at that point, Kyle and I had to have a serious talk about how playdates work and how I have to talk the the other child's mom and so on. Anyway, fortunately, the next day was beautiful and all his friends were outside playing and he kind of forgot about it. However, I did talk to Reece's mom and she said that Reece woke up saying, "What time is Kyle coming over?" So it was definitely planned between the two of them.

I'm having trouble adjusting to him getting so big and being so social and I'm starting to feel left out. Reece's mom said that she would love to find a day to have Kyle over (that was just not a good one) and if/when that happens, I won't be staying and that will just be another part of his life that I don't know everything that happens. Letting go is getting harder and harder and while I'm ready in some ways, I'm definitely not in others. I want to make sure I can still guide him, we all know he still needs it. Hopefully, I'll be able to keep it altogether, both physically and emotionally. What a big boy he is!


Anonymous said...

Beth, let me tell you from experience that this is something you will deal with your entire life. Welcome to our world.


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