Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Do you remember playing Monopoly? I can remember playing, but I can never remember anyone ever winning. Well, Jacob and Kyle got this game for Christmas. It's called Puppyopoly. The rules are fairly similar to Monopoly, except instead of owning properties, you own puppies, and instead of paying money, you pay treats. It's actually a cute little game and both Jacob and Kyle are reading well enough to be able to play the game without anyone helping them. They actually take turns being the baker (this game's version of the banker).
They took out this game on Saturday and set it up in the office on our card table. They were not able to finish it all in one sitting...they played some Saturday, some more on Sunday, and then finished it up on Monday and cleaned it all up (okay, that part took a little prodding). They rarely fight about the game and in order for someone to pay them their treats when they land on their puppy, they have to bark how many treats they are supposed to get, so all I hear from the other room is usually barking and some other silly puppy stuff. It's nice that they are getting to the age where they cannot only play a game by themselves, they have enough memory to go back to a game that they didn't get to finish. Hopefully this will get even better as they get older. Oh, the wonderful things there are about twins!


Anonymous said...

I LOVE that game! It made me want to play monopoly with Uncle Bill :) Great pics--I am glad that they can give you a little quiet time while they are in there playing. Miss you all!

Aunt Sara

Sittintall said...

Wow, I am impressed! To be able to entertain themselves by playing a game that long is nice, especially with a new little one by your side. Congrats on baby Allysa. Your story was quite amazing. Hopefully things are going well, and that everyone is adjusting well.