Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Sun Bat

We have a bat in our car. He only seems to come out in the morning when we are driving east. The kids just think he is the coolest thing. Zachary especially giggles and kicks his feet he is so delighted with this thing. Jacob and Kyle love it when the bat "moves" and maybe even lands on them for a time. I almost laugh when I hear all the commmotion over this bat in the back seat.

What is this creature you ask? Well, it's our sun bat. If I leave a CD case on the console between the two front seats, the sun will shine on it in the morning and reflect onto the ceiling in the back of the car. If I pick up the case a shimmy it around then the bat will move. It's actually pretty cool. Zachary asks all day, "When will the sun bat come out?" They can't wait for Daddy to see the sun bat.

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