Wednesday, September 23, 2009

That Mom

Today I became "That Mom." You know, the mom that everyone is always looking at and talking about. The mom that I swore I'd never be, and yet, no one in my family is any worse for the wear, in fact, some are even better off! Let me show you...

First of all, today was Wednesday. That means that school starts 10 minutes later so that the staff can have a full hour before school of professional development time. I don't mind, I just don't always remember to send them later and we wind up wating outside the doors, and waiting with five-year-old boys is never good.

So, therefore, we don't get home from walking them to school until almost 9:30. By the time I get Alyssa settled down and down for her nap, it is almost 9:45. At 10:45 when it is time to take Zachary to gymnastics, just 5 minutes down the road at the community center, she is still sound asleep. I don't have the heart to wake her up for a ten minute adventure, after which we would be right back home. Enter my wonderful neighbor. I call her and she agrees to "babysit." This means that she gets my monitor and if Alyssa wakes up, she will use my garage code to get in my house and get her up. Then they will go back to her house until I come home. To me, this is a much better solution to a sleeping baby than waking her up for little reason. So, Alyssa stays asleep and I end up still having to wake her up at 11:40 to go and pick Zachary up. Alyssa got almost another full hour of nap this morning. Yet, the idea still makes me feel like, "that mom."

Then after gymnastics, Zachary, Alyssa, and I head to the Burger King by his school so that he can get a quick bite to eat and be at school on time. Since Alyssa had just woken up, I figured that I would nurse her there and then give her lunch at home after we dropped Zachary off. Well, Alyssa wasn't so sold on that plan. She wanted to eat, since the rest of us were eating and I hadn't brought any of her food. So, then again, I became, "that mom." I was finished, so I sat Alyssa on the table with her legs hanging off, facing me (I was right there, she wasn't going anywhere) and started giving her bites of french fries. That's right. I gave my seven-month-old daughter french fries. It totally worked too because she never moved and just kept right on eating. I think I gave her 4 or 5 fries in total. She couldn't get the bites in her mouth fast enough. It was actually kind of fun to watch her. Then we took Zachary to school and I brought her home and I did give her some yogurt and what not.

So, all in all, Alyssa actually benefitted from me being "that mom" and now I can completely understand why moms do many of the things they do. If you had asked me why 5 years ago, I would have just shrugged and shaken my head. I am learning--do what's best for your family, even if it means you have to become "that mom."

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mary said...

Yup, you're the mom that can improvise away from plan A in a pinch and keep the family going! Good job!