Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Alyssa Update-Five Months

Wow, I can't believe that she is already five months old. She all of the sudden seems less like a baby. She is starting to sit on her own and today rolled over for the first time. See the video below. It's not a great video, but it gives you the gist.

Alyssa is really becoming very intertwined with her world. She especially loves her brothers. Kyle can really make her laugh, but all of them can definitely make her smile. She usually takes one two hour nap a day, and sometimes more than one. We aren't doing much better at night yet, she is still up anywhere from 1-6 times to put her pacifier back in. I am wondering how that will change now that she is rolling over.

She can consistenly get toys into her mouth, and her hands are always in there. She drools like a madwoman. My mom thinks there are teeth coming soon, but none of the boys had teeth until at least 8 months, so I'm not holding my breath.

She has wonderful smiles and you can tell that she is proud of herself just to be alive and be able to do all the things she can do.

She went to her first Cubs' game in the middle of June and luckily the Cubs won, because she did not particularly enjoy it. She cried every time the crowd clapped and cheered, and since we went to a Cubs-Sox game, that was pretty much every batter. She did finally go to sleep, but I think we'll wait awhile before she goes again.

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Shannon said...

wow both ways at once! She is getting SO big.